Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Snack ideas!

If you have the time and patience to walk through the granola bar and cookie areas of your grocery store and look at the nutrition facts of every box there, there may be a surprising number that is LPLD-safe!  Well, surprising if you're like me and you expect there to be ZERO, ha!  We let Monica have bars that have up to 3 g of fat per serving as snacks at school, since our school says it's too much of a hassle to require every Kindergarten parent that brings in snack to make sure it's Monica-safe AND we don't quite have the time and energy to bring in fresh cut up fruit and vegies every single day for snack AND lunch!  So there's actually a wide variety that she has in her own personal 'snack bag' at school for when the snack provided is too high fat (or the teacher isn't sure if it's too high fat).  Monica's favorites are the ones with chocolate!  But as for day-to-day, we like to stay away from snacks that come in bags and never ever seem to go bad.  Here is a list of our favorite snacks:

(Fat free) yogurt with jelly
(Fat free) yogurt with honey
(Fat free) yogurt with a tiny amount of granola or chopped nuts
Popcorn!  air popped or cooked in a small amount of coconut oil
Popcorn with salt
Popcorn with honey
Popcorn with salt and sugar (I am ALWAYS burning this kettle corn lately, sigh)
Carrots with fat free ranch dip
Kiwis cut in half and peeled
Apples with peanut butter dip
Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, any berries!
Even better if you pick them yourself!
Frozen peas (crunchy and tastey, have you tried them??)
Peeled oranges
Other sliced fruit, especially with yogurt dip (yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract)
Sliced fruit with peanut butter dip
Edamame (look with frozen vegetables in the store)
Cucumber sticks
Pickles! Lots of varieties, all non fat!
Cherry tomatoes
Sliced tomatoes dusted with a little salt
Pea pods
Sliced bell peppers
Fat free tortillas with lunch meat and nonfat cream cheese, rolled up and held with a toothpick
Cubes of fat free cheese (with grapes and apples to be extra fancy)
Low fat muffins!
Dates (super sweet!)
Honey/jelly sandwich
Honey/banana (or other fruit) sandwich
Jello jigglers! from a mix or from this recipe from Kitchen Stewardship

I was so happy with how these candy corn Jello things turned out!
Bean dip (mashed up canned beans, maybe with a little yogurt to make it more dip-y) with fat free tortillas (add cheese to make little quesadillas!)
Brown rice with pasta sauce
Fruit smoothies with fat free yogurt
Raisins and other dried fruit
Egg white with a few vegies sauteed in

What else do you have to add to this list?

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