Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What's for Supper? (link-up) - Volume 3

What's for Supper? (link-up) - Volume 3


This recipe surprised my family by everyone liking it!  Surprisingly low fat and different than our normal food.  I think I'll hunt some clams or mussels down the next time we make it and add those, too...


Potluck at work

Thanksgiving dinner at work, I made apple crisp, double recipe.  It was from America's Test Kitchen and it didn't have any oats...  This seems right.  I made a fat free version for my daughters, in which I added non fat greek yogurt instead of the butter and it was good!



Burgers and green beans

Tonight had to be a fast dinner so that we could make it to see the Harlem Globetrotters perform on base.  Really neat!


Curry chicken salad

Served on rolls on the road.  A version with greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise works well, especially since you're tasting the spices more than the creaminess anyway.  I would want to add raisins next time, since I love raisins in chicken salad.  Funny story, we were supposed to be driving to Paris, but my military flight got stuck in Sicily so I had to drive out separately the next day... sorry, that wasn't funny, but in summary, military life is weird.


Restaurant in Paris

Monica and Teresa had a bunless hamburger and white rice, but had little bites of our butter-drenched escargot and also some of my duck gizzard that was on my salad.  Organs meats are full of fat, but also of fat-soluble vitamins, so I love to give my LPLD girls little bits sometimes.


Pasta with jarred sauce

Rather boring, sorry.

Pork loin, sautéed green beans, roasted bell peppers sliced on top

Really good pork loin, pre-seasoned from the commissary, that we left in the oven too long and it was a solid 20 degrees hotter than we intended it to be when we pulled it out.  But it was still amazingly tender!  Well, while it was warm it was tender, my husband accurately pointed out that as soon as it cooled it got tough.  Luckily we were able to scarf down most of it right away.  Yum.  It was beautifully plated.  So beautifully that we didn't get a picture.  At all.  All week apparently.  Sigh.

But, another reminder of an awesome fat free treat:
Cotton candy bigger than your head

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