Monday, November 7, 2016

What's for Supper? (link-up) - Volume 2

What's for Supper? (link-up) - Volume 2

Fine other amazing meal ideas here.  Though most of our meals this week are straight from her blog posts!

Beef and cabbage stir fry

Halloween!  Better be healthy and fast and appealing for the girls to load up before celebrations.  It was Simcha's inspiration, from here

Cabbage is so tasty and cheap and surprisingly good for you!.

Spaghetti carbonara served with garlic roasted brussel sprouts
LPLD version
Carbonara version

All Saints Day!  Definitely a celebratory meal, again all from Simcha, and all great!  I don't think there's any good way to adapt spaghetti carbonara to be LPLD friendly, actually.  The girls had pasta with jar sauce, which is one of their favorites, with some Northwoods non fat cheese on top to guarantee consumption.

Frozen pierogies, sauerkraut, and caramelized butternut squash

All Souls Day!  We are Polish on both sides of the family, so pierogies it is!  I'm always surprised that those frozen pasta pockets with mashed potato deliciousness are as low fat as they are.

Grilled Steak Banh Mi sandwiches

Served on top of fresh buns from the local bakery, wow.  Really good.

Vegetable pizza

We make our pizza on homemade sourdough crusts when we haven't just moved across the world.  But we are still settling in, so we used some frozen grocery store crusts.  The girls always have pineapple and ham, we had roasted bell pepper and onions and artichoke hearts.

Huevos Rancheros for breakfast

Lunch and dinner out with friends at a German restaurant and at an arts and crafts festival.  At the restaurant, Monica had boiled ham served with a lot of pickled vegetables and some 'farm fresh bread' which was first served with butter all over it, and she cried when we had to send it back.  Sigh.  One of those days.  The bread was still good without butter, she LOVES pickled vegetables, and it turns out that boiled ham... isn't her favorite.  At the festival, she had apple cider and a quarter of a waffle with powdered sugar, and some leftovers when we all got home.

Is it cruel to dress her up as something she will never (well rarely) get to eat?  But she's so cute!

Chicken negimaki with snow peas

Meh. Not as amazing as I had hoped. Pretty though!  Well, when it's in focus...

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