Monday, October 31, 2016

What's for Supper? (link-up) - Volume 1

A favorite blogger of mine, Simcha Fisher, hosts a link-up every week where she posts what she had for dinner every night that week, for inspiration for other families.  Maybe this could help LPLD moms out there, too!  I have decided to link with hers, mostly to help encourage me to actually get my post up once in a while.

So, what did we eat last week?

frozen tuna filets with a side of roast butternut squash with fennel

Every time we move, it's an effort to find fish that we like.  We haven't yet found a source of fresh fish yet in Germany, but these were decent frozen ones!  The butternut squash is one of our favorite vegetables of all time.  It's basically this but without the apple... or the honey...  Hmm.  Well.  I think my mother-in-law made it up and it's the only thing I know to do with fennel.

St Daria's feast day - sushi in Trier!

My confirmation saint is a little-known saint, St Daria, and we love to celebrate our feast days in our family.  So!  Sushi it was!  It is amazing how much sushi our girls can put away.  The waitress doubted our choice of two full california rolls for them, but we showed her!  California rolls are just white rice, sea weed wrapping, cucumber, avocado, and (fake) crab.  So if you have the space in your fat intake for a little avocado, it's delicious!

Tamales (from a work fundraiser) and ratatouille

Monica had half of a tamale and mostly some leftover noodles with pasta sauce, one of her favorite foods.  And ratatouille because I definitely consider tomatoes a vegetable, so load them on that plate!  I don't think tamales can ever be LPLD friendly.  Sigh.  But ratatoulli is a family favorite - basically sauteed tomatoes, eggplant, and basil. It's what made me realize I liked eggplant and I highly recommend trying it!  Add some chicken or (fat free) mozzarella the first time you make it to be sure you like it :)

Beef and mushroom stir fry from here

Well... loosely adapted.  Served over rice for the girls instead of noodles and without capsicum and just broccoli instead of broccolini.  And no kecap manis.  Just soy sauce.  It was good!

Pasta Primavera

My husband made the recipe up. He sauteed red peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes, probably some tomato paste and spices, and we served it over rotini.

Chicken and sausage gumbo from Better Homes and Gardens

It can be tough finding smoked sausage that's low enough fat for LPLD. We use this:
Smoked turkey sausage

5 g of fat for 2 oz, or 1/7 of the package

I add twice the amount of okra that it calls for, since we all like okra, and it's both delicious and low fat.

We'll be having a lot of pictures of whatever was leftover from dinner until I can remember to take pictures on the day of the meal.... For now, behold my lunch this week!

Pork shoulder, roasted and topped with roasted bell pepper and gouda/Northwoods  Garden Vegetable cheese

We should have had another vegetable. But we forgot.

See you next week!  I hope!

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