Wednesday, October 26, 2016

An LPLD Meal for Baby Fingers...

... and adult forks!

Teresa is now 17 months old and seems to have decided that if she can't keep up with her big sisters intellectually or with gross motor skills, she will keep up with them in weight.  We have never had a toddler eat this easily and readily!  I can't remember Monica or Mary every asking for food before they could talk, we always had to offer it and then they would daintily take a bite... and then meticulously put every other morsel into their glass of water and stir it contemplatively with their spoon.

Not to say Teresa is getting overweight or chunky, I don't think my children will ever have that problem when they are little, especially with LPLD!  But here is a recipe that is healthy, LPLD-friendly, and that Teresa ADORES since it has lot of chunks that are easy for her little fingers to grab and stuff in her mouth.  Mom and Dad have to follow with a spoon to get the last of it into her mouth, but at least there's a good degree of independent eating, which is nice for when Teresa is screaming in starvation but dinner isn't technically done yet.

As a meatless meal, it's also great for Fridays and for saving some money.  Dried beans make it even cheaper, if you can remember to get them soaking and cooking with time to spare!

I usually tweak my favorite recipes and type them up directly on this blog, but I really have nothing to change for this fabulous recipe:

Vegie Bean Burritos from Kitchen Stewardship

For Teresa, we'll either just feed her the filling, or if there's leftovers where the filling and the sauce is mixed, we serve her that just as easily.

For adults (and bigger kids), we serve it in our favorite low- or non-fat tortilla, plus or minus some fat free cheese on top.

Guten appetit!

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