Monday, June 27, 2016

Fish tacos

This is a family favorite. So often we get fish  tacos from restaurants and are always disappointed when it's not as good as these!

Ahead of time, toss a chopped red or orange or yellow (a green will do in a pinch) bell pepper with about 1.5 cups chopped mango (fresh or frozen). Add some chopped jalepenos if you want some spice. My girls tolerate a little chopped red or green onion for the 'spice' and its still good like that.  Add some grated lime peel if you have some, a tablespoon lime juice, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and a dash of salt and pepper.  Mango salsa!

Make some coleslaw with half a chopped cabbage (we use a food processor) but we always have leftover! Proportions between mango salsa, slaw, and fish are still a work in process at our house. I hate having way too much of one! Anyway, toss it with some (3 tablespoons) fat free mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lime juice til its tastey.

Fish - whatever the store has that's good, we will usually use a cheaper white fish like tilapia, but when we feel fancy we will use a fatty and tender salmon, yum!  Cod or orange roughy are also quite good.

We usually get fillets with the skin on. Lay them, skin side down, on a cookie sheet, and dust with some salt, onion powder, cumin, and garlic powder. Broil in the oven for maybe 10 minutes, depending how thick the fillets are, or until flakey and to your desired level of cooked-ness.

If luck is with you, you can use a metal spatula to scoop up the fish, and get just the fish and not any skin. Or just trim off the skin that comes with it. Cut into bite size pieces and serve hot!

Hard or soft taco shells can all be good.

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