Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chocolate banana pops!

I was pretty surprised how well these went over for dessert last night.  Two ingredients, easy to make, and when frozen they are excellent little popsicles to enjoy on a hot evening!

I'm a big fan of Kitchen Stewardship, and so used her idea, but instead of chocolate chips, we used chocolate syrup!  Yum!!
She had a whole banana for dessert!
\I used a plastic straw to make a cluster of 3 little holes through the banana slices (and then slurped the banana pieces in the straw out and made an exceptionally weird noise!), filled the holes with chocolate syrup, put toothpicks in their sides, and stuck them in the freezer.  The recipe above mentions they will freeze in 10 minutes - not so with chocolate syrup.  Ours didn't freeze well at all, but were still very tastey.  Next time I will freeze them overnight and see if I can't get that chocolate syrup more solid!

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