Friday, November 13, 2015

What can I order at a restaurant?

Reliable standbys available at most any restaurant

Sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of explaining our diagnosis and specific treatment and management of the diagnosis to our server as well as trying to decipher the ingredients on the menu.  Our favorites that can be ordered almost anywhere with minimal fuss?

  • Grilled chicken with steamed vegetables
  • Pasta with marinara sauce (and no cheese, oil, or butter)
  • Pizza without cheese (but plenty of vegetables!) (some crusts have more fats than others; for us, it's just another reason to go to local pizza places instead of chains)
  • Shrimp with cocktail sauce and brown or white (just not fried) rice

Be sure to ask to have any sauces or dressings that you’re not sure about put on the side so you can limit how much you eat.

What are your faithful standby meals that you can order almost anywhere with minimal fuss?

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