Monday, May 9, 2016

Low fat chocolate cupcakes!

I am in love with a new recipe.  You have to LOVE chocolate, deep dark rich chocolate.  But my girls do!

Skinny Double Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

The only thing I changed was using coconut oil instead of the vegetable or canola oil listed in the recipe.  If you consider the full fat of the recipe, it comes out to 3 g of fat per cupcake.  If you count coconut oil as half the fat, then it's only 2 g of fat each!

Glorious low fat chocolate cupcakes in the oven

I LOVE it when I make a recipe with Monica and she can lick the bowl.  Isn't that the most perfect goatee?  Haha.

So many cupcakes!  The ones in the back with the lovely cracks across the top were in the top of the oven, the ones in the foreground were in the bottom of the oven.  Go figure.  It all gets covered with frosting anyway!

The frosting is certainly unique.  Basically just honey and cocoa powder.  Wha??  Right?!?  But it's a deep dark rich chocolate frosting, with really no hint of the milkiness of milk chocolate.  Interesting!  And tastey!

Ready for Monica's birthday celebration at school!

Kindergartener approved!

The recipe in the works!

Happy 6th Birthday Monica!  It seems we've finally found a chocolate cupcake recipe that works well!!!

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