Sunday, May 29, 2016

Last Minute Chicken Tacos

Our family spends most of our time preparing food or cleaning up from food.  Food is, when it comes to time spent working on it, the center of our lives, and I think that's the way it should be.  But everyone has times when they've just come home from a trip and don't have anything planned for dinner.  Or the day flew by without getting to do the advance steps in a recipe, so now the recipe just can't happen in time for the meal.  Or it's been a crumby time and everything feels like it's going wrong and the last thing you have effort for is to make another dumb meal!

Here is our go-to meal for those times.  It's tastey and easy and fast.  It was introduced to me by my sister-in-law, though honestly I don't know why I didn't think of it before!  I usually have everything else on hand and just run out to grab a chicken, lettuce, and avocado from the grocery store, and dinner is practically done.

Last Minute Chicken Tacos

One whole rotisserie chicken (one of those hot ones from the grocery store)
Jar of salsa
Head of lettuce
Can of black beans
Lime juice
Garlic Powder
Fat free cheese
Avocado (if your fat allowance can handle it)
Fat free tortillas
Fancy night! Beans and avocado in bowls!

First, set the chicken on a plate to cool while you do everything else.  Rinse and chop the lettuce.  Slice the avocado.  Pour the beans and salsa into serving bowls if you feel fancy (not likely on days like this!).  Then peel the skin off the chicken and peel the meat off the bones, breaking any particularly big chunks up.  Pour some lime juice in the bowl with the chicken chunks, sprinkle some cumin and garlic powder in, and use your hands to gently mix it (these kinds of chickens can easily disintegrate into gross chicken mush if you stir them too violently, I guess since they've been cooked so thoroughly; ask how I know!).  Taste and add more lime or spices if desired.  Then, dinner is ready!

Sauté the tortillas in olive oil if you want.  Otherwise, stack on the layers and enjoy!

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