Thursday, August 3, 2017

Independence Day Fruit Pizza

When it comes to making a crowd pleaser that I don't have to feel too guilty about health-wise, this fruit pizza is one of my favorite recipes.  All whole wheat crust, with probiotic-rich yogurt and cream cheese topping, and fruit on top?  It's hardly a dessert!

This was my first time making a fat free version and it was a great success that I wanted to share with you.  For my non-LPLD family members, I made a half batch following the recipe.  Then I made a few modifications and made a second half batch fat free!  Instead of butter, I used apple sauce - the crust was definitely sweeter from the sweetness of the apples (I might leave out any sugar next time), but it was thin and crisp after baking and an excellent base for the rest!

Keeping track of which half was which, I baked it following the recipe, and after it cooled I put regular cream cheese and yogurt on the fatty half, and fat free cream cheese with fat free yogurt on the LPLD side.  Then I loaded it all down with fruit (the blueberries are on the LPLD side, if you're wondering) and brought it to our 4th of July picnic.

The adults enjoyed it and the kids gobbled it up, both sides of it!  Wild success!

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