Sunday, March 20, 2016

Roasted Bell Peppers of Awesomeness

My latest fat free foot obsession is roasted bell peppers.  You can do other peppers, too, and the roasting process gives them a flavor that is just fantastic.  My LPLD girls just can't quite handle that (or any) level of spice (yet - I hope!).  I've always known they were tastey, but couldn't find an easy enough way to roast them to be able to incorporate them into every day life.  But now I've found one!  We had them on sandwiches last weekend and could have gotten by without lunchmeat, the peppers were so good.  I even but them on the fajitas we had last night, and Monica didn't even notice that she didn't have avocado on hers! (She had a high fat weekend, so we need to take a few days of low low low fattiness).  So, here's what works so well for us:

Stick as many bell peppers as will fit (or just a few, but why not mass produce these delicious things?!?) onto a cookie sheet and stick them in an oven preheated to 375 degrees.  Cook for 20 minutes.

Then rotate each one 180 degrees (flip them over) with some tongs.  Cook for another 20 minutes.

Dump them unceremoniously from the cookie sheet onto your stove top (if you're like me, though a plate would do fine too), herd them together with your tongs, and stick a cake dome on top of them.  Or a bowl.  Or anything that will trap the steam (and save your money instead of wrapping them in foil for that one time use).  Let them sit until they are cool.
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We ate all the peppers... but these apples represent how to let the peppers steam and cool in a cake dome.  Or bowl.

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Displaying IMG_20160320_192013156.jpg
Using gloves for hot peppers, use your hands to peel off the roasted skin, the stems, and the seeds out from the insides.

Eat that fleshy goodness!!  On a sandwich, with eggs, in crepes, whatever you would consider using plain old peppers in!

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